‘ Well….You can’t breed rats off mice’



This was Graham’s uncle’s response to me at Great Yorkshire Show when I pointed out that nearly all the sheep we were showing came from one particular maternal line. It got me thinking though and the little sheep pictured above was an exception to this ‘rule’. ‘Ginny’ from the famous Wattisfield flock was  one of the smallest sheep in our flock. She came as a 2 shear and every year for 7 years she was one of the first to lamb with either twins or triplets. Her lambs were always some of the best, with 3 becoming stock rams and 4 being successful members of the show team. In fact one of the biggest ewes in the flock is her daughter! To top it all she was also one of the friendliest sheep who could be relied on to lead her mad flock mates into the pens:-a quality she has fortunatly passed onto her daughters. Lambing time isn’t going to be the same without her!

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