The National Sale 2017 Ram buying!

The national show and sale weekend is always a great occasion for any ‘Hampshire Anorack’. There is  a lot of laughter amongst the hard work and friendly rivalry on Show day. We were absolutely delighted this year to win the shearling ewe class especially against top breeders from across the UK

Sale day is always very stressful. We will have spent the few weeks previously looking through the catalogue and narrowing our search for a new stock ram. This year was no exception. We had already bought Kelsey Overlord privately. He is a Whitehead Gladiator grandson like Iceman with a top 1% index but we were interested in finding another ram with a negative EBV for fat as both Overlord and Iceman are positive for fat. Having made your selection on paper, the fun really begins. Time is taken to look very carefully at each ram- legs- are they straight and one at each corner? Do they track straight?  Teeth-are they OK? Back- is it level or does it dip? Has he a good masculine head? Has he good colour? Does he touch well with a strong shoulder, broad loin and impressive gigot. Don’t forget the testicles- big enough and firm We narrowed down our selection to 3- now the fun begins – Graham is an expert at bidding so no one can tell- the bushy eyebrows help!. Our first possibility was popular and went for more that we were prepared to pay but we successfully bought our second choice a ram lamb from the Morley flock. Now we need a name Kudos or Kingpin are the thoughts at present but we’ll see…………

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