The Auction virgin fails!

So its the 2018 Stirling sale and Ihad to go along without Graham who is busy getting ready to start silaging while the sun shines- ( a rare treat in Cumbria!) As usual, we have pored through the catalogue ahead of the sale looking for animals that interest us based on their breeding and their EBVs. A ram lamb has piqued our interest, on paper he is exactly what we are looking for and in addition his dam is a Graylen ewe that we really liked but stupidly sold onto another breeder. ( Graham has never forgiven me)

The show starts which is the ideal opportunity o get a look at how he stands and moves. He looks great and really shows himself- just my luck , he wins 1st prize- now everyone has noticed him. While the rest of the audience is engrossed in the shearling ewe class, I go and get hands on to check he is as good as he looks.

After a lots of text messages and discussions with Graham we agree a top price and I wait (unbelievably nervous) for the lots to go through- this is the 1st time I have bid at an auction, usually I just keep kicking Graham! So he comes in and I am not alone in wanting him. I try to bid with a quick look at the auctioneer so that people aren’t sure who is bidding. Very quickly the price has got to 700gns and we are going up in 100s-now its just me and someone else fighting it out. I reply to his/her bids- (I daren’t looks to see who it) with confidence hoping that the other bidder will think I won’t stop but within seconds we get to my ceiling and I don’t dare to make another bid- he wins and I lose. Never mind, surely there will be another ram somewhere just as good. Leg33491424_1566369490127238_3124473959198752768_ns shaking, I go and congratulate my rival on a job well done ( and to ask him if he ever wants to sell him to let me know!)


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