Show Results

Show Results

We started showing in 2010 and usually manage 4 or 5 shows each year. It’s a great opportunity to meet other sheep breeders and to showcase the breed. These are some of the highlights of our showing career so far.




Champion and 1st prize ram lamb by Graylen LairdHampshire-Pair-0159

1st prize pair both by Graylen Laird

2nd Prize untrimmed ewe lamb by Benninworth Rupert

3rd Prize group of 3

3rd Prize trimmed ram lamb by Graylen Laser

3rd prize untrimmed ram lamb by Graylen Laird

4th prize shearling ewe by Kelsey Overlord

4th prize ewe lamb by Graylen laird

Great Yorkshire Show

1st untrimmed ram lamb and reserve male champion 24Y 19 3804 by Graylen Laser

2nd ewe lamb by Graylen Laird

3rd ewe lamb by Graylen Laser

3rd shearling ewe by Graylen Javelin

3rd group of 3 with the trimmed  lambs

5th shearling ewe by Kelsey Overlord

4th trimmed ram lamb by Graylen Laird


Westmorland County Show

1st prize Shearling Ram and Champion Graylen Laser

1st and 2nd Ram lamb Wilstrop Legend and 24Y1903761 by Graylen Laird

1st prize Aged Ewe 24Y 17 03041

2nd prize Shearling Ewe 24Y 18 03375 by Kelsey Overlord

1st prize ewe lamb 24Y 19 03775 by Graylen Laser

1st prize Group of 3



HDBSA National Flock Competition

Rhydmoelddu Shield for the Best Ram Lambs

Yarcombe Trophy for the Best Ewe lambs

Ballynahinch vase for the Best Breeding Ewes


North Yorkshire County Show

Champion Shearling Ewe 24Y 17 0303035433314_875975619263492_7418285913291096064_n






National Show

Reserve female and reserve overall champion 24Y 1803041







Skipton Sale

Reserve and female champion 24Y1803414Skitpon RC





Westmorland County Show

Reserve Champion and best opposite sex to champion 24Y 17 03041


Carlisle Salecarlsile champ

Best female and champion 24Y 17 03060




HDBSA National Flock Competition: 1st prize in the Medium Flock Category 

North Yorkshire ShowDSC02868

Another great turnout of sheep.

Champion Shearling ewe 24Y1702589 by Yarcombe Iceman





The National Show absolutely delighted to win the shearling ewe class again with 24Y 1602589

1st Shearling ewe89 @ Stratford





Great Yorkshire ShowDSC02966DSC02957

Reserve Male Champion ( 24Y 1703021)

Reserve Female Champion ( 24Y 17 03041)





Westmorland County Show

Breed champ WCS 2017 1602592

Champion 24Y 16 02592


Reserve Champion 24Y 17 03041




Masham Sheep Fair20171001_121505

1st prize ewe lamb and Champion 24Y 17 03041






North Yorkshire Show ( 60 HD sheep entered – the highest number from any breed  a fantastic turnout of sheep)

Champion:- Ram lamb 24Y 1602582  Graylen Jedi ( pictured)


Great Yorkshire show

Reserve male champion Graylen Jedi ( pictured right)

Reserve female Champion 24Y 15 02002 ( pictured below)


Masham Sheep fair Female and overall champion 24Y 16 02589





Lonsdale Show Reserve Champion (24Y 15 02002)DSC01100

Westmorland County Show Champion ( Graylen Harley)

Masham Sheep Fair Champion ( Yarcombe Iceman)




North Yorkshire Show: Reserve Champion

Great Yorkshire Show: Reserve Male Champion

Westmorland County Show: Champion and Reserve Champion

Masham Sheep Fair: Reserve Male champion


2013Graylen Eric GYS

North Yorkshire Show: Breed champion

Westmorland County Show Female: Champion and Reserve champion

Masham Sheep Fair: Male and Reserve champion

Skipton sale: Champion

National flock competition:  Best stock rams



Cartmel Show: Reserve Down Breed ChampionWestmorland County Show 2015

Westmorland County Show: Champion and Reserve Champion

Masham Sheep Fair: Female and Breed Champion

National Flock competition: Best Small Flock (Northern Area)

Best Ram Lamb

Runner up best stock rams



Great Yorkshire show: Breed champion

North Yorkshire Show: Breed champion

Cartmel Show (Down breed): Champion

Westmorland County Show: Breed champion and reserve interbreed champion

Masham Sheep Fair: Breed champion

Carlisle and Skipton Sale: Champion

National flock Competition: 2nd small flock section

Redesdale points trophy



Cartmel Show: Section champion, reserve interbreed pairs and group of three

Westmorland County Show: Breed and Reserve champion

National flock competition: 1st in small flock section (Redesdale Trophy runners up)

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