Sheep/Semen for Sale


July 2019



 Sheep for sale



We have now selected the lambs we feel are good enough to keep for breeding and we will be entering in lamb  shearling ewes and ewe lambs at the HDSBA autumn sale at Carlisle.

Having had a very successful season selling rams we now only have 2  of our own ram lambs to sell and one we are selling for a friend. We do have a small number of  shearling ewes and ewe lambs available to sell from home. Details of the ram lambs for sale are given below. Indices and EBVs are those published at the end of May 2019 The new TSI have been rebased relative to sheep born in 2010. The new breed benchmark is available here in the Hampshire Down section here:-

For more detail about these rams see the new Signet database at:-

FBN Name DOB Sire FBN Dam FBN 8WW SW MD CT L FD CT F CT M Mat In Index
Ram Lambs
24Y1903761 01/12/2018 G Laird 24Y1602592 2.66 6.81 1.16 -0.36 -0.14 0.2 0.77 243 210 ARR/ARR
24Y1903804 24/12/2018 G Laser 24Y1501996 2.49 5.84 1.17 0.45 -1.06 -0.76 0.83 199 237 ARR/ARR
 85X1900384  04/12/18  G Cnut  85X1500286  2.76  7.25  0.69  0.55  -0.74  -0.8  1.04  273  266  not known

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