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JUNE 2020



We were very lucky to have an incredibly successful time as the society’s online sale selling all 3 ram lambs we had entered for an average of over£1000. The phone was red hot after the sale and we went on to sell 4 of the 5 ram lambs we had left in the subsequent few hours. We have one ram lamb left, a Graylen Laser son, 24Y2004243. He is a very powerful ram lamb with a top 10% terminal sire and maternal index. Definitely last but not least! click here for his Signet Page 



                                                                             SEMEN FOR SALE

We have both Graylen Javelin and Graylen Laird semen available.

Graylen Laird


Signet page link

Laird is in the top 5% both for Terminal Sire and Maternal index. His lambs have been very successful at Sales with 2 ram lambs selling for over £1500. They have also excelled in in the show ring taking the championship at the National Show in 2019. Laird is a powerful ram, easy to handle who  breeds lovely shapey lambs with tight skins.

GRAYLEN JAVELIN 24y 16 02594  ARR/ARR027

Signet Page

Javelin was included in AHDB’s commercial progeny trial Ramcompare so with 159 progeny his EBVs and index are highly accurate Javelin is in the top 10% for both maternal and terminal sire index with a CT muscularity EBV just short of the top 1%. He sired the much admired Graylen Laser one of the best and most correct stock sires we have bred.





With only 30% of this year’s lambs being female we are a little short of ewe lambs to sell this years. We are also planning to increase the flock size  so we are keeping more shearlings that normal.We may have a small number of older ewes for sale in lamb in October and will enter any ewe lambs or shearlings we plan to sell in the society sales in the autumn- for mor information give us a call.IMG_4683

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