Shearing 2016


Clogherny Hogan with his new haircut

I know its a bit sad but every year I find the day we clip last year’s lambs  really interesting. We clip them in March so they are ready for the summer shows. Some of the lambs looked completely shocked at being able to suddenly see the world clearly without their wooly blinkers.  It is good to see everyone looking neat and tidy and also to see what is under all that wool. It is a bit of a paradox that we breed the world’s wooliest sheep but I like them best when they have the least wool on. I am hoping that the Hampshire Down world is going to move to showing sheep with less wool on as these are great sheep too readily dismissed as being all wool. Our (now)shearlings have had a tough winter with more rain and less grass than ever but they have come through it looking good. Already there are a few earmarked for showing but there’s everything to play for in the next few months!

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