Sale Reports

 Sale Reports

Since autumn 2010 we have supported the breed society autumn sales at Carlisle and Skipton. We aim to take quality stock and are delighted that they have found favour with the buyers.  The  main highlight of our sales so far was in 2011 when a ewe lamb by Ballycreelly Montgomery sold for 1050 guineas at Carlisle, a female breed record there until 2015.

Carlisle Sale 201971114169_2155327987906129_8316419443819282432_n

A really positive sale this year with young breeders coming back to add to their flocks as well as a good number of people looking to start new flocks so females were particularly sought after. We were really pleased to win the championship with a Kelsey Overlord daughter out of a 10 year old homebred ewe by Ballycreelly Montgomery. This shearling ewe was scanned in lamb with twins to Graylen Laser and  went onto sell for 1150g. Her mother is scanned in lamb again which will hopefully be her 10th lambing! The highlight for us however was to see the cracking ram lamb which was reserve champion for the newly established Pitgair flock. They bought a Kelsey Icon daughter in lamb to Laser at last year’s sale and this was one of her twin ram lambs. The other has been kept as a stock  ram. It is so rewarding to see your sheep doing a good job for other people.71134433_2155328001239461_8284180152280154112_n

We sold 4 shearling ewes scanned in lamb to Laser to an average of 790g and 3 ewe lambs topping at 650g to an average of 483g

Full report here



National Sale 2019Hamps+1,500_edited-1

Great trade this year with good clearance and better prices. Blue was our colour in the pre sale  classes with 2 ram lambs, a shearling ewe and a ewe lamb all taking 2nd in their class.We took 3 ram lambs, one of whom was breed champion at the National Show 2 weeks previously and wasn’t shown on the day, He sold for 1500g to the National show judge Mr K McCarthy. This was a record price for us only missing out on the top spot in this sale by 50g! Our other ram lambs sold for 800g and 600g having both been second in their pre sale classes. Both went to respected breeders which gave us great satisfaction The shearling ewes averaged 460g and the ewe lambs 450g.

For the full sale report-

Carlisle Sale 2018

Overall Champion - Graylen - 850gns

Very buoyant trade this year for in lamb ewes. Our shearling ewes were 1st and 2nd in their class with 24Y 17 03060 going on to be sale champion. She sold in lamb with twins to Morley Kudos for 850g to a breeders in the Netherlands. We sold 2 other shearlings for 550g and 400g. Ewe lambs were less sought after this year. Our ewe lambs were 2nd, 3rd and 4th in a class of about 10 lambs. they sold to an average of  310g. For a full sale report see the HDBSA website

Skipton sale 2018

Hampshire Down reserve champion from Graham and Judith Galbraith.

This sale was earlier than normal and in an evening. Another challenging sale with buyers cautious and only bidding for a limited number of sheep. Our ewe lambs were 1st and 2nd in their class with 24Y1803414, a Graylen Javelin daughter going on to be reserve champion. The ewe lambs topped the ewe lamb prices at 320g and 300g. Our shearling ram who was 2nd in his class, sold for 260g.

Full report:

National sale 2018

After a hard winter and very dry summer, this was a difficult sale with many lots returning home unsold. We were pleased to sell a high index shearling ewe by Kelsey Icon at 680g, and 2 rams lambs one by Kelsey Overlord and one by Graylen Javelin at 700g and 380g respectively.

Carlisle 2017

We entered 4 in lamb ewes and 4 ewe lambs this year. We were delighted that a ewe lamb by Kelsey Icon Carlisle 2017was awarded reserve champion at the pre-sale show by Jim Cresswell. She was a lovely showey lamb with great length and a good tight skin so it was great to see her make the top price in the ewe lamb section at 700 guineas. The twin sister to this year’s show lamb was sold for 600guineas. The in lamb ewes toped at 800 guineas for a homebred ewe by Graylen Harley in lamb to Kelsey Overlord. Overall our in lamb ewes averaged 623 guineas and the ewe lambs 517 guineas. For full report



Stirling 2017

This was the first time we had entered the Stirling sale and we were delighted to win female champion and reserve champion with a ewe lamb by Graylen Harley. She and another ewe lamb out of Harley’s dam by Yarcombe Iceman went to the same buyer in Ireland for 500 and 400g respectively. We took 2 shearling ewes who sold for 420g each and a ram lamb who went to another breeder for 350g. For a full sale report

Skipton 2016

CCM rams Hampshire champ

This was a difficult sale this year with more sheep for sale than buyers present so we were pleased to sell all the sheep we took. We were delighted to take champion at the presale show with a Wilstrop ewe we bought as a lamb from Lisa Chasney.(pictured above). She sold in lamb with twins to Yarcombe Iceman for 750g which was the highest price of the day. Our second ewe by Graylen D’Artagnan also in lamb to Iceman sold for 550g to Peter Beers in Holland. The ewe lamb by Clogherny Hogan out of Harley’s dam sold for 420g. the full sale report is available here

Carlisle 2016

This year’s Carlisle sale was one of the largest sales for years which meant prices were back a little on previous years. In the presale show our ewe lamb 24Y 16 02572 stood 2nd to the Maes Glas ewe lamb that went onto sell for 2000g. She was one of our favourite ewe lambs this year and has been very successful for us in the show ring. The 2 in lamb shearlings one by Clogherny Hogan and the others bought in as a ewe lamb from the well known Wilstrop flock were 2nd and 4th in very strong classes and went onto sell to a new flock for 550 and 560 g. We are delighted that they have gone to  very well respected BFL breeders  the Drummond family. Our second ewe lamb also sold to Scotland for 390g. We hope that all the sheep do well for their new owners. the full sale report is on the HDBSA website :-

Carlisle 2015

The breed had a great Carlisle sale this year with beautiful ewe from Messrs Sivil and Borsey taking the breed record with a £1100gn bid. All the sheep at the sale were a credit to the breed and there was a 100% clearance. We were delighted with how our sheep sold and pleased with the homes they went to.  Our aged ewe (shown below) took first in her class and made 940gns. She was  by Lindsey Excel out of a homebred ewe by Kelsey Gigolo and sold scanned  in lamb to Graylen D’Artagnan. _HUT0494

One of our shearling ewes made the second highest call of the day of the day. She was bought as a lamb from Matthew Curry, she was by Pode Hole Houdini and in lamb to Clogherny Hogan. The second shearling ewe by Greenwell Endowed, made 800gns. She was scanned in lamb to Yarcombe Iceman. The 3 ewe lambs we took were sold for 470gns twice and one at 460gns. All in all it was a great day for everyone.






Skipton 2015


Highest price ewe lamb by Millfields Foyle

First prize shearling ewe by Kelsey Jonny

This was a much steadier sale so we were really pleased to take the three top prices on the day and again our sheep have gone to great homes. We had 2 sheep at 500gns: a shearling ewe who won her class and a ewe lamb by Millfields Foyle. The shearling ewe was by Kelsey Jonny and was scanned in lamb to Millfields Foyle. We also sold an older ewe by Podehole Houdini at 450gns she was scanned in lanb to Clogherny Hogan.Our second shearling ewe by Graylen D’artagnan was sold for 420gns in lamb to  Millfields Foyle. Our second ewe lamb, sired by Clogherny Hogan, went for 380gns

Carlisle 2014

Graylen flock dominates top prices at Hampshire Down sale, Carlisle by Rhian Price ‘Taking Stock’

Graham and Judith’s Graylen flock dominated the Hampshire Down sale, Borderway Mart, Carlisle, on the weekend (27 September), taking the day’s four top prices. Sale leader at 850gns was their shearling ewe Graylen 24Y13103 (pictured to the right) sired by Graylen 10008 D’Artagnan and out of a dam by Kelsey 61 Duvall. She sold in lamb to Millfields 12093 Foyle. Not far behind this at 800gns was their second prize shearling gimmer by the same sire and out of a Millfields 6240 Buster dam. She sold in lamb to Clogherny 14052 Hogan. G Mountain, North Rigton, Yorkshire, paid 700gns for a Graylen first prize, two shear ewe, again by the same sire, but out of a Parkstock 06 Warrior dam. She also sold in lamb to Clogherny Hogan. Two lots made 650gns. First of these was a second prize Graylen ewe lamb sired by Greenwell 13001 Endowed.

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