Stock Sires 2019


85X 19 00391 Index 287 ( August 2019 Top 1%)

We bought this good looking ram lamb from Paul and Lisa Chasney just after he won the breed championship at Great Yorkshire Show in 2019 in convincing style. A very correct lamb, true to breed type with  a great carcass, he has ‘figures’ to match. In the top 1% of the breed on index he has top 5% EBVs’s for growth and muscle depth and below average FD making him exactly what we were looking for this year. We are really excited to see what his first crop of lambs look like next year.



24Y 18 03406 Index 238 (August 2019 Top 10%)

This ram  by Javelin out of a Whitehead ewe by Podehole Endyminion was a favourite as a lamb. Full of character, with a natural showiness, he also has great performance figures. His overall index as well as 8WW EBV are in the top 10%. His CT lean EBV is in the top 1%  He has produced some nice, shapely, powerful lambs in 2019 including 24Y 19 03704 who was reserve male champion at GYS 2019. His 2020 lambs also look to have great potential.He has only be shown once this year, winning the Breed Championship at Westmorland County Show




24Y 18 03406 Index 267 (August 2019 Top 5%)

This ram lamb has been eye catching since he was born:- Tight skinned with great conformation and outstanding colour. Out of a Whitehead ewe, by Morley Kudos he has top 10% EBVs for growth and MD .His maternal index is also top 5% suggesting that his daughters will be great mothers. He has done well in the show ring in very few outings, winning a strong ram lamb class at North Yorkshire show and coming a close second in the untrimmed ram lamb class at the 2018 national show. His 2019 lambs have performed really well in the show ring winning the pairs class and the breed championship at the National Show. One of his sons,  Graylen The Maverick was sold for 1500g at the National Sale 2019 and has joined one of the top flocks in the UK.

Previous Stock Sires




71Z1200425 Index 217 (August 2019 Top 25%)

Kudos was bought at the 2017 premier breeders sale where his length and style caught our eye. His index is in the top 25% with a growth EBVs and CT muscularity in the top 10%. His 2018 crop of lambs were really impressive, showy with tight skins and great colour. His lambs have done well in the show ring , with a ram lamb and a ewe lamb by him winning their classes at North Yorkshire show 2018 Another ram lamb bought in utero at the autumn Carlisle sale was breed champion at Ryedale show 2018.


024 - Copy


24Y 16 02594 Index 221 (August 2019 Top 25%)

Javelin was the highest indexed son by Iceman in 2016. He comes from our best maternal line sharing his grand dam with D’Artagnan. His index is in the top 25%for index and growth. He was one of the first batch of lambs we ever had CT scanned and had an outstanding gigot and good length. His gigot muscularity EBV is in the top 5% of the breed. As we have used him, he has only been shown twice. He was 6th in a strong ram lamb class at the 2016 HDBSA national show and won the untrimmed ram lamb class at Great Yorkshire show in 2016 He has produced a lovely crop of tight skinned ram lambs who also have great gigots. They are doing well in the show ring with one of his sons taking the male reserve championship at Great Yorkshire Show 2017. Semen was used in Ram compare for the 2018 lamb crop and we look forward to seeing how his lambs perform in a commercial setting




03Y1700371 Index 32o (August 2019 Top 1%)

Rupert was kindly given to us in replacement for Kelsey Overlord. He also a Court General son with  EBVs for growth  in the top 5%. He has great length and a natural showiness which we hope he will pass onto his offspring. He has produced a very stylish crop of gimmer lambs one of whom was 2nd in a large class of untrimmed ewe lambs at the National Show in 2019,

Court General was used in Ram Compare the largest ever UK multi breed progeny trial. Run by AHDB the first crop of lambs hit the ground in 2016. General was the highest ranked HD ram for MD and second highest for overall carcass merit. These results put him in the top 15 rams for both parameters across all the rams on test.


Gigolo and Graylen Eric in Foreground

Gigolo and Graylen Eric in Foreground

18U08263 Index 133 (August 2019)

Gigolo, a Yarcombe Erroll son, was bought from the Kelsey flock as a 2 shear ram in 2011. He bred some really powerful, fast- growing sheep and we are delighted to still have some of his daughters in the flock. Graylen Eric, one of his sons, although reluctant about being shown at first, won the untrimmed ram lamb class at Great Yorkshire Show in 2011.  He was sold as a shearling and was very successful in the show ring for his new owners.



18U1100028 Index 173 ( March 2019)

Jonny, the gentle giant, is a Kelsey Hero son. He was also bought as a 2 shear ram from the Kelsey flock in 2013. He had tremendous length and produced showy lambs with tight skins. He was one of the 3 rams who won Best Stock Rams in the 2013 national Flock Competition. One of his lambs, Graylen Tyrone won the untrimmed ram lamb class at Great Yorkshire Show in 2014 and has gone on to be the stock ram for another new flock who have shown him very successfully.  Finding ourselves with too many rams in 2014, we sold him to a new breeder who as you can see is extremely proud of him!


Millfields Foyle 2014

Millfields Foyle 2014


Reserve Male champion GYS

93W12093 Index 182 ( August 2019)

Millfields Foyle was bought as a lamb at the Stratford sale in 2012 and was named ‘Best Ram Lamb’ in the national flock competition that year.  He was very successful in the show ring with 1 championship, 2 male championships and 2 reserve championships to his name. He was reserve male champion as a 2 shear ram at Great Yorkshire show  in 2014. He had an outstanding gigot and bred lambs which were stocky with great show presence.



Graylen D'Artagnan 2011

Graylen D’Artagnan 2011

24Y10008 Index 232 (August 2019 Top 10%)

Affectionately known as ‘D’T’, he was our top stock sire for 5 years and sadly died in 2016. His index is now in the top 10% with a maternal index of top 5% He was only shown 6 times taking breed champion 5 times including at Great Yorkshire show in 2011. His lambs are consistent with good growth, muscle depth and great type. They have been successful in both the show and sale ring. He was one of the 3 rams (alongside Millfields Foyle and Kelsey Jonny) which won the ‘Best stock rams’ award in the national flock competition in 2013. He had a great temperament which makes him and his lambs easy to work with. His maternal line is one of the best in the flock in terms of milking ability and mothering.




A0114052 Index 215 (August 2019 Top 25%)

Hogan was bought at the Stratford sale in 2014 where he caught our eye in the show ring, coming 2nd in a really strong ram lamb class. He has index is in the top 25% with top 10% EBV’s for growth and this has really shown in his lambs which have grown well,  have good muscle depths as well as having  great colour and type.




24Y1300106 Index 196 (August 2019 Top 25%)

Harley was the fastest growing 2013 D’Artagnan son . This is reflected in his top 25% index and top 25% EBV’s for 8WW, scan weight and muscle depth. He also has low Fat depth EBV’s  He was a powerful ram with great colour and gigot. He was breed champion at Westmorland County Show this year and came 2nd in the shearling ram class at great Yorkshire show. His daughter 24Y1602592 was champion at Westmorland County Show as a shearling ewe



Reserve female and reserve overall from Graham and Judith Galbraith.


18U1500366 Index 250 (August 2019 Top 5%)

This ram is a son of Aspley Senator out of a ewe by Kelsey Gryphon. We bought him from the famous Kelsey flock because of his impressive performance and low fat depth and carcass fat EBVs.In addition his maternal index is in the top 1% which has been born out by his  2017 daughters who have all reared twins this year (2019)with great growth rates. He has fantastic colour and a great head and sired our 2017 show ewe lambs who was reserve female champion at GYS, champion at Masham and went on to be the national show reserve champion as  a shearling ewe.(pictured)




30N1501707 Index 226 (August 2019 Top 10%)

Iceman was bought at the 2015 breeders’s sale at Stratford from the Derryman’s famous flock. He has  8WW  and Scan Weight EBVs in the top 10% . We were also impressed by both his breadth and natural showiness. He has grown into an impressive ram with great width and an outstanding gigot. He came to us having been male champion at the Devon County show.  He was first prize ram lamb at Westmorland County Show 2015 and first prize shearling in 2016. and was breed champion at Masham sheep fair in 2016. We are really pleased with his 2016 and 2017 crop of lambs who have grown well, have great conformation and consistent type. They have been much admired and really successful in the show ring winning multiple championship and reserve championship rosettes. We were delighted when one of his daughters was 1st prize shearling ewe at the 2017 National show


GYS 24Y 17 03041


18U1600415 Index 312 (August 2019 Top1%)

Sadly this ram died not long after he was purchased  but luckily, all his ewes held to first service so he has left us an impressive cop of high index lambs who have performed well and look great. His 2018 lambs, now shearling ewes, are powerful sheep with great back ends. He shared a grandsire with Yarcombe Iceman, giving him power and gigot but in addition had growth EBVs in the top 1%  and gigot muscularity EBV’s in the top 5%.



54S06007 Index 98 (August 2019)

‘Monty’ was our first stock sire and was bought from Maud Blanchard in 2008. She bought him as a ram lamb at the Highland show. He  sired some great sheep for us including:  Graylen D’Artagnan  and 24Y 11 025 which, as a ewe lamb, held the record for the highest priced female Hampshire Down sold  at Carlisle. (1050 guineas).

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