Oct 2016 Phew- now just to get ready for lambing!


Well it’s been a hectic few weeks with sheep entered in both northern autumn sales, Masham Show and finally,Graham and I attending the Performance Recording Workshop at Stratford. For the first time ever we are exporting sheep this autumn with a batch going to the Isle of Man this week and 2 going to Holland at the start of next month. Having a pathological dislike of export paperwork this has added significantly to the rash of grey hairs on my head. The Performance recording workshop was a really enjoyable day and it was great to see such a large turnout of breeders from the 4 corners of the UK wanting to learn about the tools available to them to improve their flock. The day was made by hatting to the great people there – one of the great pleasures of owning Hamps is meeting the other breeders involved. Yesterday we sold the final group of in lamb sheep to a new flock owner so we can settle down with the 29 we have left ready for lambing in a 7 weeks time.  Time to muck out the sheep pens and get handy with the pressure washer – no rest for the wicked eh!

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