Living in wet, windy Cumbria Sept 2017

For the first time ever, Graham and I have spent the day desperately trying to towel dry the sheep that are entered for this year’s Westmorland¬†County show in 4 days time. Living in Cumbria we are used to trying to get sheep ready amongst rain showers but the last month has been awful so¬†the tumble dryer is now full of semi clean towels ready for the continuing attempt tomorrow. It is still touch and go whether we will be able to take sheep on Thursday. Some idiot! entered 2 shearling ewes and 2 ewe lambs so I think we will be down to one each of those if any at all. Even more worrying is that there doesn’t seem to be any let up in the rain before the Carlisle sale a week on Saturday:- more work for the towels and the tumble dryer! One highlight for today was that we had the ewes scanned and all 4 entered at the sale are in lamb; 3 with twins and one with a single. Scanning went well with 4 sets of triplets, 6 singles and everyone else having twins. Really pleased that 20 of the 26 ewes to lamb will be lambing in the first 2 weeks of December thanks to Regulin and Mr F*ugly the teaser ram!

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