Lambing Time 2016

DSC01518 (800x580)Lambing time is always a time of high drama when you begin to start to see the outcome of the breeding decisions you made last year. Despite it being February, we still have one sheep to lamb and one lambed outside yesterday in lashing rain – a big ram lamb from a  shearling ewe we bought run with the ram at Skipton- both are fine – it just goes to show how tough these teddy bears are!

The weather has been difficult this year- the fields are wetter than we have ever seen them. The oldest lambs are out all the time and it is hard to see them so muddy and at times  looking miserable in the rain. The younger ones are going out during the day and in at night. This is the first year we have been able to do that and it has been a boon this season. There are some really promising lambs and Yarcombe Iceman seems to be giving us lambs with brilliant back ends- only a sheep breeders would say that!

The next few weeks will see us submitting our 8 week weights and awaiting the first BLUP run with interest. Here’s  hoping for a little bit more sun before then!DSC01524 (800x750)

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