Quality product

5th April 2020

I am ashamed to say that this is the first year we have ever tried to sell direct to butchers despite everything we know about the quality of Hampshire Down lamb. Our first batch of lamb went last week and we have an immediate repeat order … Read more

Are EBV’s worth the paper they are printed on?

20th September 2019

Why the picture of a Holstein bull on a sheep breeder’s website? Well there are very few dairy farmers in the UK who would use a bull just because he looks pretty or has black and white in the right places..Around the country farmers pour over … Read more

The Auction virgin fails!

28th May 2018

So its the 2018 Stirling sale and Ihad to go along without Graham who is busy getting ready to start silaging while the sun shines- ( a rare treat in Cumbria!) As usual, we have pored through the catalogue ahead of the sale looking for animals that … Read more

Kamikaze sheep

24th September 2017

Well after a frantic couple of weeks with Westmorland show and Carlisle Sale, it was time to sit back, relax and recover. Just as I was putting my feet up on the sofa I saw this spectacle out of the sitting room window. Now I am … Read more

Living in wet, windy Cumbria Sept 2017

10th September 2017

For the first time ever, Graham and I have spent the day desperately trying to towel dry the sheep that are entered for this year’s Westmorland County show in 4 days time. Living in Cumbria we are used to trying to get sheep ready amongst rain showers … Read more

The National Sale 2017 Ram buying!

2nd July 2017

The national show and sale weekend is always a great occasion for any ‘Hampshire Anorack’. There is  a lot of laughter amongst the hard work and friendly rivalry on Show day. We were absolutely delighted this year to win the shearling ewe class especially against top … Read more

Photoshoot March 2017

15th March 2017

It was a beautiful spring day here in Cumbria, dry with a light breeze so I took the opportunity to play about with the SLR camera Dad handed   on to me. The sheep as ever were not entirely helpful and there were more photographs of bottoms that faces … Read more

Breeding rams Feb 2017

13th February 2017

I recently went to one of the NSA ram longevity focus group which made for an interesting evening. The handful of farmers there were very forward thinking looking for forage reared performance recorded rams to improve the profitability of their farms. These guys were innovators,fascinating to … Read more

Oct 2016 Phew- now just to get ready for lambing!

16th October 2016

Well it’s been a hectic few weeks with sheep entered in both northern autumn sales, Masham Show and finally,Graham and I attending the Performance Recording Workshop at Stratford. For the first time ever we are exporting sheep this autumn with a batch going to the Isle of … Read more

‘ Well….You can’t breed rats off mice’

16th August 2016

  This was Graham’s uncle’s response to me at Great Yorkshire Show when I pointed out that nearly all the sheep we were showing came from one particular maternal line. It got me thinking though and the little sheep pictured above was an exception to this … Read more

13th April 2016 Scanning day

25th April 2016

Today we weighed our lambs and had them scanned for back fat and muscle depth. Why do we do this?  All our lambs are performance recorded and this information is used to calculate estimated breeding values and an overall index for every lamb, it’s dam, it’s sire and … Read more

Shearing 2016

27th March 2016

I know its a bit sad but every year I find the day we clip last year’s lambs  really interesting. We clip them in March so they are ready for the summer shows. Some of the lambs looked completely shocked at being able to suddenly see the … Read more

Lambing Time 2016

9th February 2016

Lambing time is always a time of high drama when you begin to start to see the outcome of the breeding decisions you made last year. Despite it being February, we still have one sheep to lamb and one lambed outside yesterday in lashing rain – … Read more

Great Yorkshire Show -17th July 2015

17th July 2015

We have just been at Great Yorkshire Show. We have a fantastic time winning tickets in every class we entered. However, the highlight was seeing the enthusiasm and enjoyment of the young breeders some of them there for the first time. As a breed society we are so … Read more

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