13th April 2016 Scanning day

DSC01693Today we weighed our lambs and had them scanned for back fat and muscle depth. Why do we do this?  All our lambs are performance recorded and this information is used to calculate estimated breeding values and an overall index for every lamb, it’s dam, it’s sire and it’s family members. So why do we do that rather than just select by eye and hand? Well, how do you compare the growth rate of a single ram lamb from an older ewe with a twin ewe lamb from a shearling. The first has lots of advantages and should grow much better than the other. What the analysis behind performance recording does is try to account for the those differences and get a measure of a lamb’s genetic merit for growth, muscling and fat. This isn’t the whole picture though;- these figures can’t tell you about a lamb’s conformation, whether it is correct in its mouth, in its legs and how correct it is on breed points!.All of these are also important, so we use both looks and figures in our selection process. Would you buy a car only based on its engine performance or alternatively on how it looked without checking its top speed, fuel consumption or 0-60? no ? Well in our opinion the same applies to sheep!

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