Millfields Foyle 2015  

Welcome to Graham and Judith Galbraith’s Graylen flock of MV accredited, pedigree Hampshire Down sheep kept at Endmoor Farm Nr Kendal, Cumbria.


Are you looking for a fast growing terminal sire with good carcass conformation? Look no further. We were so pleased with the performance of our cross bred lambs when we first tried a ‘Hamp’ ram that we decided to start our own pedigree flock. Hampshire Downs produce high quality meat, the higher levels of intramuscular fat in their meat increases tenderness and flavor when compare with continental breeds. We feel strongly that this breed could play an important role in modern sheep farming.

If showing is your thing, you will find Hampshire Downs look great and are easy to handle. With Hampshire Downs you can have both performance and style!

Hampshire Down lambs are easy to lamb, fast on their feet and quick to suckle. They are hardy, fast growing and can finish quickly on both creep based or grass only systems.

Like a significant number of Hampshire Down breeders, we performance record all our lambs. The breed has made great strides in the last 20 years producing faster growing, leaner lambs with improved muscle depth. Our aim is to breed powerful, long-lasting rams and strong, milky ewes whose lambs perform well at grass. We lamb in December and lambs are outside grazing from less than a month of age. The lambs are reared on a system that mirrors the one we use for our commercial lambs. Our rams are overwintered on a forage only diet with a small amount of supplementary feeding the following summer to get them ready for sale in the autumn.

If you want to know more about these great sheep, please contact us